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Welcome to the home of the Wilderness & Waverly Place Genealogy Pages. Here you will find all the different families who appear in the six novels in the Wilderness series and the two novels in the Waverly Place series

Note that you can leave a comment on any page. If you find an inconsistency or error, please be sure to say so. However, please back up your submission by citing the source of your information. So for example, you might say: Anna Savard's first name isn't really Anna, it's Lilianne, and it says so in The Gilded Hour, page...

You can view the trees and data without registering; if you think you might want to contribute information or images, then you will need to fill out the form (link at the top left of any page).

An overview of the primary characters in relationship to each other:

Note: you'll find the data represented in tree format under the heading pedigree; at the bottom of this page are a few bookmarks to take you to familiar characters.

Suggestions for useful additions are always welcome.

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