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A wiki is generally understood to be a community-generated and maintained website where information is shared. This wiki is a little different: I set it up to organize all the research materials I’ve collected while writing historical fiction. Topics are posted to pages as articles, which are in turn grouped into subject areas. Links in the text will take you  … all over. It’s easy enough to find your way around this website.  There are two basic page types: general organizational wiki stuff (like this page) and wiki articles. Further: there are two kinds of links: the regular ones jump to related internal pages; the links with three bars will take you to someplace else in the internet.

NOTE: By its nature, a wiki will contain a lot of information that readers would consider spoilers. If you have read all of the historical novels, this should not be a problem. If you are still working your way through and you dislike spoilers, then you need to step carefully. 

Any link you come across will take you to a related page on the wiki, UNLESS the link is followed by three lines, so for example:  This is an external link to Wikipedia.

So show me the articles already.

Here is the index, by category.

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