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Dates1818 – 
Role in the novelsMidwife, Healer, Teacher, Mentor
Physical description


In her 40s Amelie is of average height and build. She has never had children and retains something of a younger posture. She is one quarter Mohawk, one quarter Seminole, one quarter white and one quarter African. In appearance she is primarily Native American, though she has a fuller mouth than usual.

Her voice is in the low range, a little rough in pitch when time is pressing.

What other people notice about her/himAmelie is utterly calm, quiet, and for most people, difficult to read. She is attentive, and misses very little. With young children she is playful and affectionate. Her eyes are a clear light brown, which takes people by surprise.
BackgroundAmelie is the daughter of Hannah Bonner and Ben Savard. Her childhood is spent primarily in  Paradise in upstate New York, surrounded by extended family. She attends school taught by her uncle Daniel Bonner and learns woodcraft from her father, philosophy from her grandmother,  cooking from Curiosity Freeman and healing arts and midwifery from her  mother

In her twenties she relocates to Manhattan where she works as a midwife and nurse. She has a small property just across from the Northern Dispensary, which includes a large medicinal garden.

About 1872 Anthony Comstock sets out to arrest her as an abortionist and threat to morals. She is able to evade him, and will live to the north of the city for about ten years before she returns.


Significant event that molded the character’s personality*


Excellent relationships with her parents and extended family.  In Manhattan she is especially close to Lily Ballentyne Savard Quinlan, to Luke Scott Bonner and his sons, and to Callie Ballentyne. She is closely knit into the city’s network of midwives, and considers Mrs. Leontine Reed, lady’s maid to  Charlotte Abercrombie Louden, her closest friend.
Appears inWilderness 6; Waverly Place 1, 2; LB 1
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