Jemez (Walatowa)

Jemez Pueblo
The Puebloan Nations ca 1850. Jemez/Walatowa is number twelve on this map. Click to see the full sized image.

Wikipedia entry:

The Jemez Pueblo (more recently renamed Walatowa, the tribe’s own name for itself) is located    at 33°36′39″N 106°44′39″W(35.610435, -106.727509) and has a total area of 2 square miles (5.2 km2), all land.  […]

As much as 70% of the 1,890 Jemez people were living on their reservation lands in the early 1970s. Though by then an increasing number were switching to wage-earning work rather than agriculture, the residents continued to raise chile peppers, corn, and wheat, to speak their native language, and to maintain customary practices.

Running, an old Jemez pastime and ceremonial activity, grew even more popular than it had been before World War II. Prior to the advent of television at Jemez, tales of running feats had been a major form of entertainment on winter nights. Races continued to hold their ceremonial place as the years passed, their purpose being to assist the movement of the sun and moon or to hasten the growth of crops, for example. At the same time, they became a popular secular sport.

This photo of an unidentified woman and child of the Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico,   was taken about 1912  by Jesse Nusbaum. Glass negative.

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