Maps: Indigenous Nations

The maps I used (and in some cases, constructed from historical sources) are divided into different geographical areas. The images are very large, so please be prepared.

Pueblo Nations

Indian Nations, Southwest, ca 1850. Approximated

Santa Fe Trail maps

6 thoughts on “Maps: Indigenous Nations”

  1. I love maps! Thank you for sharing these. Would it be okay to at them to my documents under something like SaraDonatiMaps?

  2. Dear Ms. Donati:

    I find when reading your books that you have done a lot of research into each one. I can hardly wait to read Little Birds when it comes out next year,

    Thank you for making your books so interesting and educational to me,


  3. I am sorry I forgot to mention the maps. The maps show me where each tribe (clan) of the indigenous live(d) in the 1800s. It gives me a perspective of where in the States they lived and, I believe, still live although this is the opinion of a Canadian who is learning more and more about the history of the States and the maps help me to understand where everyone lives.


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