Little Birds. Preview I

Little Birds

Sara Donati

Forthcoming, Berkley Books (~2023)***

In which you are introduced to the main characters: Eli Ibarra of New Mexico Territory, and Léonie Ballentyne, the youngest daughter of Lily and Simon Ballentyne.   *NOTE The youngest daughter’s name has changed from Callie to Leonie.

things change in the editing process so I’ve taken this excerpt down — I’ll repost when I have the final revision.

***All Rights Reserved. Do not copy any part of this excerpt or share it in any way without the author’s express written permission.

9 thoughts on “Little Birds. Preview I”

  1. Yay! looking forward to the book and I appreciate all the hard work research and talent that goes into it.

  2. I can’t wait for Birds!! So excited to read this excerpt. Looking forward to hear all of the stories that explain what happened between the series. Thank you, Rosina! 🙂

  3. I just finished the last of Into the Wilderness series. Looking forward to Little Birds!

  4. Just discovered you this year, DEVOURING the Wilderness series and Delighted to find the others… still looking for Little Birds – any predictions for when it will be done? Waiting with bait on my breath (a misapprehension of my son’s when he was little).

    • I finished Little Birds and handed it over to my editor maybe seven weeks ago. Waiting for word from her on pub dates, etc. Thank you Naomi for your support and kind words.


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