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Is there a place online to discuss the novels?

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Best bet: the Sara Donati page on Facebook. Novels published under both Donati and Lippi  are discussed there on occasion in a dedicated chat room/discussion group (located here). You will have to register to participate. But please do.

  • Hi. The family tree is awesome, and large. Capturing everyone is a huge undertaking.

    I noticed the son that died with Sara sings from books is not listed. His birth explains some of the amonisity between Nathaniel and Richard. Now that I think of it, curiousity said she had another son-late in life, who passed away before the stories came to life and, Polly’s family who-apparently died as well. As Leo lived with them for a time,I believe they existed and are not on the tree either.

    Also, when you ended the first series, you published on the web obituaries and announcements of some of Paradises citzens. Will you ever use those again? Can they be listed on the wiki somewhere, if they are not going to be used in future novels. I found they offered at the time, insight to life going on without the dead loved ones.

    All that being said, these 2 series are masterpieces and I often return to visit them. They are high among my favorites.

    • Hi Paula — wow, you are good. You are absolutely right on all counts about the family tree. Somewhere I have a list of things to be added to or corrected on the tree, and I will be sure that your notes are added. I really am impressed by your command of my huge cast of willful characters. Also, excellent idea about adding the obituaries. I will do that, too. As soon as I can, in these frantically busy days. Thanks again, for your notes and your kind words about the books.

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