Gilsey House Hotel

Gilsey House Hotel
Gilsey House Hotel. Click for a full size image.

In part adapted from Wikipedia.

Gilsey House was designed by Stephen Decatur Hatch for Peter Gilsey, a Danish immigrant merchant and city alderman. It was constructed from 1869 to 1871 at the cost of $350,000, and opened in 1872.

The hotel was luxurious – the rooms featured rosewood and walnut finishing, marble fireplace mantles, bronze chandeliers and tapestries. It was a favorite of Diamond Jim Brady and Oscar Wilde, Samuel Clemens was a guest, and it attracted the theatrical trade at a time when the area – which became known as the Tenderloin – was becoming the primary entertainment and amusement district for New York’s growing population, with numerous theaters, gambling clubs and brothels.

Note nearby:

  • the infamous Haymarket saloon
  • the White Elephant Gambling Resort,
  • Shang Draper’s Saloon
  • Crawley’s Pool Hall,
  • Kirby’s Gambling Resort
  • John Sullivan’s Saloon.
  • A block east on Fifth Avenue the wealthy still held sway. Note  also the Knickerbocker Club and a number of prominent churches.
  • Gilsey House Hotel. 1200 Broadway at 29th Street in Manhattan. Designed 1869-1871 by Stephen D. Frank.

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