Hannah Bonner***


Other namesHannah Bonner, aka Hannah Scott, or Walks-Ahead by the Mohawk, her mother’s people, or Walking-Woman by the Seneca, her first husband’s.  Further known as Hannah Savard after she marries a second time. As a child her Kanien’kéha  girl name was Squirrel. Daughter of the Wolf Longhouse.
Role in the novelsdaughter, sister, niece, granddaughter, student, apprentice, physician in training, physician, battlefield surgeon, general practitioner and midwife, wife, mother, grandmother.
Physical descriptionShe resembled her mother strongly; there is little sign of her father, who was born to Scots immigrants.
What other people notice about her/himStriking posture, bone structure, hair.
BackgroundFrom a young age Hannah trained with her Kanien’kéha grandmothers, aunts and healers. Curiosity Freeman had a central role in her education as well.  Then Richard Todd took on her education and she began her medical apprenticeship. Before that point, at age eleven, while on shipboard, she met and learned from  a Muslim physician called Hakim Ibrahim. She continued her education wherever possible, with the healers from her mother’s tribe, and from physicians at the NY  City Almshouse  and the Kinepox Institute when she was there to learn how to vaccinate against smallpox.

She had a large, very close family in Paradise; married into the Seneca and was respected and liked there for her generosity and skills as a healer. After the loss of her first husband she takes up the practice of medicine and midwifery again in Paradise.

Significant event that molded the character’s personalityBattle of Tippecanoe, loss of uncle, cousins, husband and son, death of grandmother.
RelationshipsLiam Kirby (platonic)

Strikes-the-Sky of the Seneca (her first husband)

Major Christian Pelham Wyndham of the King’s Rangers, Quebec (short term)

Jean-Benoit Savard dit Saint d'Uzet(called Ben), her second and last husband
Appears inAll six Wilderness novels
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