Livingston Family***

One member of the historical Livingston family – politically and socially quite powerful in the early 19th century in New York City – plays a minor role in the Wilderness series. Edward Livingston, a lawyer originally of New York City, and his wife, Louisa D’Avezac Moreau Livingston, originally of the Sugar Islands appear in Queen of Swords as prominent residents of New Orleans. Their fictional counterparts play much larger roles.

Hannah Bonner first meets and establishes a friendship with Paul Savard when she is in Manhattan learning how to administer the new smallpox vaccine at Dr. Valentine Simon’s Kine Pox clinic.

Paul (de Guise) Savard (dit Saint-d’Uzet), originally of New Orleans, is the son of Jean-Baptiste de Guise Savard dit Saint-d’Uzet, a merchant and plantation owner, and his first wife, Catherine Trudeau.  Shortly after the events in Lake in the Clouds, Paul marries Julia Simon Livingston, a widow with a young daughter called Rachel. They relocate to New Orleans where they open a charity clinic.

Courtyard behind the Savard’s Free Clinic on the rue Dauphine, New Orleans, ca 1814.

In Queen of Swords Hannah, Luke and Jennet arrive in New Orleans near the end of the War of 1812, and take shelter with the Savards, who now have a son, Henry, seven years old.  It is at this point that Hannah meets Ben Savard, Paul’s half brother.

Both Henry and Rachel will marry into the Bonner family after the close of The Endless Forest.

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