Paradise Sun. 3 March 1828


The newspaper founded by Elizabeth Middleton Bonner after she retired from teaching.

Example column:

The Week of Monday, March 3, 1828



Friend John Mayfair has opened a law office in the new building next to the schoolhouse.  Please stop by to consult with him any weekday morning between eight and twelve of the clock.

Curiosity Freeman would like all to know that she has chicks ready for sale. Potential buyers should remember that these are the descendants of Chicken Number Three, who was an excellent layer and of an unflappable temperament.

Daniel Bonnerinvites all school children and their families to stop by the schoolhouse to meet Mr. Lawrence March, who will be taking over the junior classroom now that Martha has withdrawn from teaching to care for her son.



As you may be aware, the printing press that made publication of the Paradise Sun possible arrived in Paradise six months ago. In recognition of that fact, the editor invites suggestions from any interested party on how the newspaper might better serve the needs of its ever increasing readership. This includes anyone who would like to offer an editorial on matters of public interest, with no restrictions as to political affiliations or world views. Please stop by the newspaper office on the town square to share your thoughts.

Elizabeth Middleton Bonner, editor



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