Runs-from-Bears of the Turtle Longhouse

A warrior of the Kanienʼkehá꞉ka  Turtle Clan, husband to Many Doves of the Wolf Clan. Runs-from-Bears was a life-long friend of Nathaniel Bonner. They went to war together and raised their families side by side. Annie, his youngest daughter, chose as husband Gabriel Bonner, the youngest son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Bonner.

The Week of Monday, November 7, 1831


On last Wednesday, November 2, Runs-from-Bears of Lake in the Clouds was struck down by a sudden apoplexy and died within the hour.  He was seventy-three years old.

Runs-from-Bears was a member of the Turtle clan of the Mohawk at Good Pasture. He came to Paradise in 1792 when he was joined in marriage with Many-Doves of the Wolf clan, also originally of Good Pasture.

Runs-from-Bears fought in the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War  and was renown for his bravery and daring. The trip he made to New Orleans during the The War of 1812 together with his life-long friend Nathaniel Bonner is still spoken of both in that city and here.  In peace time he was considered the best tracker in a hundred miles or more, and his furs were sought after for their quality.

Runs-from-Bears is survived by his son Blue-Jay and good-daughter Susanna, their children Callum, Grace and Sarah; by his daughter Annie and her husband Gabriel Bonner and their children Tobias, Jay and Liza; and by many dear friends. He is preceded in death by his wife Many-Doves, and by his adult children Kateri and Sawatis, who died fighting under Panther-in-the-Sky Tecumseh[1]a Shawnee chief and warrior at Tippecanoe.  On a personal note, this is loss is an especially painful one for the editor and her family.  Runs-from-Bears was the best of men, and we mourn his passing.

Elizabeth Middleton Bonner, editor




1a Shawnee chief and warrior

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