The Carryck Family Tree

Robert, 5th Lord Scott,  killed in the service of Charles II, had only one child by
Beatrix Scott of Pykeston:  Robert, 6th Lord, who was created Earl of Carryck and Viscount Moffat by his grateful sovereign in 1660.… Read more.

Dispensaire de Bienfaisance

A free clinic on the rue Dauphine in , also the residence of its owner, Dr. .

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Hartshorn is not a term you hear often these days.

The best source for information on 19th century terms, especially when it comes to housekeeping and medicine (in my experience) is, where out of print works are made available to read online.… Read more.

Livingston Family***

One member of the historical Livingston family – politically and socially quite powerful in the early 19th century in New York City – plays a minor role in the Wilderness series. Edward Livingston, a lawyer originally of New York City, and his wife, , originally of the Sugar Islands appear in Queen of Swords as prominent residents of New Orleans.… Read more.


Annandale, Scotland and the fictional homelands of Alastair Carryck feature prominently in Dawn on a Distant Shore.

The reason I sent the Bonners to Scotland in Dawn on a Distant Shore is really quite simple or at least, it started out that way.… Read more.

Charles Loring Brace

Brace was the founder of the Orphan Train movement, which grew out of his many years of working to improve the lives of homeless and destitute children. He plays only an indirect role in The Gilded Hour and Where the Light Enters.Read more.

Irish Immigration

From The History Place:
“Throughout the Potato Famine years, nearly a million Irish arrived in the United States. Famine immigrants were the first big wave of poor refugees ever to arrive in the U.S. and Americans were simply overwhelmed. Upon arrival in America, the Irish found the going to be quite tough.… Read more.

Vanderbilt Family Residences

William Henry “Billy” Vanderbilt (1821-1885) was an American businessman, the eldest son and heir of Cornelius Vanderbilt. When W. H.  Vanderbilt died in 1885, his will provided some insight into the confusion of mansions along Fifth Avenue. His  “heirs-at-law and next of kin” were

  • Marie Louise Vanderbilt, the widow, living at
  • No.
Read more.

Apartment Houses and French Flats

The city newspapers were full of real estate advertisements then, as they are now. With the development of apartment houses — some targeted for the very rich — a new vocabulary began to creep in.

These New York Times ads from 1882 are all for named buildings, which seems to have been a marketing strategy.… Read more.