Paul Savard***

Note: This is the elder Paul Savard; he has a grandson by the same name.


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Sophie Savard***


Sophie  Elodie Savard, one of two main characters in the Gilded Hour series, is the daughter of ,  born in to and Savard. As a young man Simon relocated to to study medicine, where he met and married , the daughter of a New Orleans apothecary and  great granddaughter of

In my writer’s eye Sophie looks something like Sara Loguen Fraser, born in the Dominican Republic and educated in the U.S.… Read more.

Anna Savard

Liliane Mathilde Savard, called Anna by friends and family, is 27 years old when  the Waverly Place series opens in 1883. She is the first daughter and second child of (Birdie) Savard, both physicians. Anna is orphaned at almost four. Her takes her into her home on Waverly Place in Manhattan to be raised.… Read more.

New Amsterdam Charity Hospital

(fictional) A hospital serving the poor women and children of New York City.  Anna Savard and Sophie Savard are both on the staff at the New Amsterdam.





In the 19th century tuberculosis (also called phthisis, phthisis pulmonalis,  consumption, scrofula or the white plague)  was thought to be a hereditary disease following from a weak constitution.[1. This was not an altogether unreasonable supposition as it was not unknown for whole families to succumb, as was the case for Emily, Elizabeth, Ann and Branwell  Brontë.]… Read more.

The Ambulance

An ambulance service is connected with the New York, Roosevelt, and Bellevue Hospitals. The ambulance is used in nearly all cases of street accidents,  some cases of disease, and many cases of violent inebriety. It can be summoned by telegraph from any police station, or from any alarm box of the Fire Department, by tapping the Morse key twenty times and sounding the box number.
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In New York City

The government of the city knew about the connection between poor health and poverty, and they knew too that the biggest part of the problem was the unsanitary conditions in tenement districts where almost all newly arrived immigrants found themselves. … Read more.


Asylum was the general term for any social service institution, from psychiatric treatment centers to orphanages.

[[Blackwell’s Island]] was the site of most of the city-funded and run institutions.… Read more.

Woman’s Medical College of the New York Infirmary

Traditional Medical Education

The first medical college established specifically to train women physicians was an offshoot of  the , founded by Elizabeth Blackwell and her colleagues.  The broadsheet  seen below lists the faculty, including Elizabeth Blackwell, founder, as a professor of hygiene.… Read more.