Sophie Savard***


Sophie  Elodie Savard, one of two main characters in the Gilded Hour series, is the daughter of ,  born in to and Savard. As a young man Simon relocated to to study medicine, where he met and married , the daughter of a New Orleans apothecary and  great granddaughter of

In my writer’s eye Sophie looks something like Sara Loguen Fraser, born in the Dominican Republic and educated in the U.S.… Read more.

Anna Savard

Liliane Mathilde Savard, called Anna by friends and family, is 27 years old when  the Waverly Place series opens in 1883. She is the first daughter and second child of (Birdie) Savard, both physicians. Anna is orphaned at almost four. Her takes her into her home on Waverly Place in Manhattan to be raised.… Read more.

Jack Mezzanotte***


Giancarlo Mezzanotte (known generally as Jack) was born February 1, 1847 in Livorno, Italy to . He immigrated with his family as a child, but returned to Italy to study law at Padua as a young man.

He has been employed by the New York Police Department since age 23.… Read more.

McGlory’s Armory Hall

Billy McGlory was one of the most infamous men in Manhattan in the 1880s, at the center of organized crime and well connected.

Adapted from Wikipedia .

William “Billy” McGlory (1853 – ?) was an American saloon keeper and underworld figure in New York City during the mid-to late 19th century.… Read more.


June 1879
The New York Times
“Features of the Markets”

Prices noted at the Washington Market:

 pineapples 10¢-25¢ each
 apples 30¢-50¢ 1/2 peck
 cherries  15¢-25¢ lb
 bananas 25¢-50¢ dozens
 cucumbers 50¢ dozen
 asparagus 20¢bundle
 Leghorn eggs 35¢dozen
 young ducks 35¢lb
 spring lamb 20¢-25¢lb
  hot house grapes $1.50-$2lb
 hot house peaches 30¢-40¢ each

Quinlan Family

John Quinlan (1760-1841) built a home for his family in 1840 on Waverly Place near Washington Square Park. At the time this neighborhood was on the outskirts of the city.

His son Harrison Quinlan (1799-1860) was a physician and army surgeon.… Read more.

Waverly Place

A narrow street that originates at Bank Street in the West, runs along the northern border of Washington Park, and ends at Broadway.


In the Waverly Place series, Anna and Sophie Savard, their Aunt Quinlan, and the Lees live at 18 Waverly Place in a large house built in 1840, enclosed by a brick wall that includes gardens and out buildings.… Read more.

The Bowery

Bowery,_New_York_City,_ca._1898The Bowery is a street that runs in a northeasterly direction through the lower east side. It starts at the Brooklyn Bridge, where it is called Park Row, and ends at Cooper Square at Fourth Street in the north. Originally  a part of the old Boston Post Road.
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Colonizers and Immigrants: New York

The Dutch were the first to colonize what is now called Manhattan Island.[1]There is a great deal of information available about New Amsterdam, including detailed maps. See for example . In September 1664 the English invaded and claimed the Dutch colony.… Read more.