Seminole Nation***

Ben Savard, who is introduced in book five of the Wilderness novels, is a native of New Orleans. His father was French born and raised; his mother was the daughter of the Choctaw and Seminole nations and African slaves who escaped and claimed freedom in the southern Florida swamplands, often among the tribes.… Read more.

Henry Savard***

Readers first meet Henry Savard as a young boy, at his home in New Orleans where his father, Dr. , founded a . His mother is Julia Valentine Livingston Savard, originally of a Quaker family in Manhattan. Her first marriage ended when her husband died in a shipwreck; her second marriage to Paul Savard came about when they met at her father’s where he was an attending physician.

The War of 1812

The Wilderness novels came into being in part because of my interest in the War of 1812, a conflict that is often overlooked in history classes.

The war had a tremendous impact on the development of the young U.S., to the extent that some refer to it as the Second War of Independence.… Read more.

West Indies

Queen of Swords takes place first in the French Antilles, specifically in

Priest’s Town, on the fictional L’île de Lamantins (Isle of the Manatees);

Kingston, Jamaica

Port au Prince,  Haiti

Spanish Florida

New Orleans and environs.


New Orleans

Much of Queen of Swords takes place in New Orleans just as the was ending.  This short excerpt takes place as enters the city for the first time, and alone:

Finally she turned from the levee and walked into the city itself, glad now of the shade in the narrow lanes so closely built that the sun was kept permanently at bay.
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Paul Savard***

Note: This is the elder Paul Savard; he has a grandson by the same name.


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