Susanna Mayfair Wolf

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New Orleans

Much of Queen of Swords takes place in New Orleans just as the was ending.  This short excerpt takes place as enters the city for the first time, and alone:

Finally she turned from the levee and walked into the city itself, glad now of the shade in the narrow lanes so closely built that the sun was kept permanently at bay.
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Anthony Comstock

Anthony Comstock was a self-proclaimed ‘Weeder in the Garden of the Lord’ who sought to impose his understanding of law and sin on the general public.  He was employed by the government as a United States Postal Inspector. He was instrumental in the development of anti-vice laws that criminalized any use of the U.S.

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Irish Immigration

From The History Place:
“Throughout the Potato Famine years, nearly a million Irish arrived in the United States. Famine immigrants were the first big wave of poor refugees ever to arrive in the U.S. and Americans were simply overwhelmed. Upon arrival in America, the Irish found the going to be quite tough.… Read more.

Sister Mary Irene FitzGibbon

birth name: Catherine Rosamund FitzGibbon

birth place: London, England

death place: New York City, New York, United States

death cause: heart disease

SISTER MARY IRENE DEAD; THE FOUNDER OF THE FOUNDLING ASYLUM. An Institution Which Has Cared for Thousands of Abandoned Children — The Dead Woman a Skillful Ennager — Through Her Efforts Seton Hospital Was Also Established — Great Success in Caring for the Little Ones…. 

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The Foundling

*The Foundling plays a part in The Gilded Hour.

There were dozens of orphanages (orphan  asylums)  in New York in the last quarter of the 19th century, and almost all of them were run by religious groups. The Roman Catholic church was especially vigilant in setting up and administering orphan asylums, but the Protestant churches and the Jewish community also founded orphanages for their own children in need.[1.

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Sisters of Charity of New York

The Sisters of Charity of New York is a religious congregation of women in the Catholic Church whose primary missions are education and nursing and who are dedicated in particular to the service of the poor.

The founder of the order, Elizabeth Ann Seton, was canonized as the first American-born saint. 

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Jack Mezzanotte***


Giancarlo Mezzanotte (known generally as Jack) was born February 1, 1847 in Livorno, Italy to . He immigrated with his family as a child, but returned to Italy to study law at Padua as a young man.

He has been employed by the New York Police Department since age 23.… Read more.

Places of Worship

Manhattanites were proud of their churches and synagogues, and there were a lot of them. Every Christian denomination of the time, and more than one kind of Judaism, was represented. There were also scores of missions and charitable organizations attached to the various denominations.… Read more.