Seminole Nation***

Ben Savard, who is introduced in book five of the Wilderness novels, is a native of New Orleans. His father was French born and raised; his mother was the daughter of the Choctaw and Seminole nations and African slaves who escaped and claimed freedom in the southern Florida swamplands, often among the tribes.… Read more.

Runs-from-Bears of the Turtle Longhouse

A warrior of the   Turtle Clan, husband to . Runs-from-Bears was a life-long friend of They went to war together and raised their families side by side. Annie, his youngest daughter, chose as husband the youngest son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Bonner.… Read more.

Henry Savard***

Readers first meet Henry Savard as a young boy, at his home in New Orleans where his father, Dr. , founded a . His mother is Julia Valentine Livingston Savard, originally of a Quaker family in Manhattan. Her first marriage ended when her husband died in a shipwreck; her second marriage to Paul Savard came about when they met at her father’s where he was an attending physician.

Jennet Scott***

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African Free School***

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Puebloan Nations***

In the mid 19th century there were still dozens of indigenous tribes fighting to retain their homelands and way of life in the far west. The different tribal nations each confronted the influx of emigrant whites in their own way. The plains tribes were more likely to engage in warfare, taking up arms against the U.S.… Read more.

The Gilded Age


In general people speak of The Gilded Age as the period between the Civil War and the turn of the 20th century, an era that was marked by industrial and technological advancement, massive immigration, political, social and economic tumult and a growing gulf between the wealthy and the poor.… Read more.

Livingston Family***

One member of the historical Livingston family – politically and socially quite powerful in the early 19th century in New York City – plays a minor role in the Wilderness series. Edward Livingston, a lawyer originally of New York City, and his wife, , originally of the Sugar Islands appear in Queen of Swords as prominent residents of New Orleans.… Read more.

The War of 1812

The Wilderness novels came into being in part because of my interest in the War of 1812, a conflict that is often overlooked in history classes.

The war had a tremendous impact on the development of the young U.S., to the extent that some refer to it as the Second War of Independence.… Read more.