Slavery in the U.S. is a central topic in many of the Wilderness novels.  ‘The Freeman family, headed by , manumitted slaves, along with their children and grandchildren, play pivotal roles in the entire series.

The Dutch Slave Trade in New Amsterdam

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The enslavement of African people in the United States began in New York as part of the Dutch slave trade.Read more.

New Orleans

Much of Queen of Swords takes place in New Orleans just as the was ending.  This short excerpt takes place as enters the city for the first time, and alone:

Finally she turned from the levee and walked into the city itself, glad now of the shade in the narrow lanes so closely built that the sun was kept permanently at bay.
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Ben Savard***

Jean-Benoît Savard, also called Ben, also called Waking-Bear by the Choctaw.

Son of Jean-Baptiste Savard and Amélie Savard, FWC

Amélie Savard’s parents were Joan Ahapopka, half Choctaw/half Seminole and  Manute Garang  originally of the Dinka people of the South Sudan, a slave

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Luke Scott Bonner

Luke Scott Bonner was born in 1776  to Giselle Somerville, the daughter of Lord Bainbridge, lieutenant governor of Lower Canada, at her home in Montreal.  Because she was not married, her father took the infant away to be raised by Giselle’s mother.… Read more.

Little Birds

This novel, set in 1858 in New Mexico Territory, serves as a bridge between the Wilderness series of novels and the first two novels of the Waverly Place series.

Backstory: 1845

Callie Ballentyne is a young girl when her life is upended and she must leave the only home she knows.… Read more.