Where the Light Enters***

where the light entersFollowing from The Gilded Hour, Where the Light Enters  released on September 10, 2019.   Primary characters are still , , , , Lily Bonner Ballentyne (Mrs. Quinlan), among many others.





This long, absorbing novel is the sequel to Donati’s enthusiastically received The Gilded Hour, a multi-family epic centered on the lives of Anna and Sophie Savard, cousins who attempt to further the cause of medical care for women in post-Civil War New York. 

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Christian Pelham Wyndham

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Rutger’s Female College

Rutgers University — the main campus located in New Jersey — opened a college for women on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan in 1867.  The college moved to  a new building at 54-58 West  55th Street in 1882 and closed in 1895.… Read more.

Surgery, Medical Theory and Chapped Hands


Surgery, Medical Theory and Chapped Hands

In the 19th century the most important advance in medical science was called (at the time) Listerism.  Simply put, Joseph Lister, working with  Louis Pasteur’s advances in microbiology and the discovery that bacteria cause putrefaction and infection, came to a conclusion:  In a medical setting the first line of defense is to keep the patient isolated from all such bacterial agents.… Read more.

Anthony Comstock

Anthony Comstock was a self-proclaimed ‘Weeder in the Garden of the Lord’ who sought to impose his understanding of law and sin on the general public.  He was employed by the government as a United States Postal Inspector. He was instrumental in the development of anti-vice laws that criminalized any use of the U.S.

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There are multiple connections between the earlier Wilderness series novels and Waverly Place novels. On this page you’ll find notes and

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that takes you to a family tree for the entire Donati worldverse. Always a work in progress, of course.… Read more.

The Gilded Hour

The Gilded Hour is a historical novel by Sara Donati (2015). It is the first of her second historical novel series.

The first series consists of  six novels  (generally referred to as the Wilderness novels) which trace the fortunes of a small group of families from 1792-1823.… Read more.

Harrison Quinlan

Born in Manhattan to privilege, Harrison became a physician and surgeon. He served as an Army surgeon in the Mexican-American War, and otherwise ran a private practice from his Waverly Place home.

As a young man he met , originally of Paradise in Hamilton county.… Read more.

Amelie Savard***

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