Waverly Place

A narrow street that originates at Bank Street in the West, runs along the northern border of Washington Park, and ends at Broadway.


In the Waverly Place series, Anna and Sophie Savard, their Aunt Quinlan, and the Lees live at 18 Waverly Place in a large house built in 1840, enclosed by a brick wall that includes gardens and out buildings.… Read more.

Colonizers and Immigrants: New York

The Dutch were the first to colonize what is now called Manhattan Island.[1]There is a great deal of information available about New Amsterdam, including detailed maps. See for example . In September 1664 the English invaded and claimed the Dutch colony.… Read more.

Grand Duke’s Theater

The Grand Duke’s Theater was located at 21 Baxter Street. On this map you’ll find it almost at the bottom, just right of center.

atlas-1885-plate-4-opiumIt  was attached to a stale beer joint, one of most disreputable kind of saloons, where the dregs from beer barrels were sold.… Read more.

Vanderbilt Costume Ball

On Monday, March 26, 1883 the Ball of the Decade took place at the home of William K. and Alva Vanderbilt, in celebration of their newly finished mansion at 660 Fifth Avenue (referred to as the ). The announcement of the Vanderbilt ball went out about a week before the beginning of Lent and was then was the only topic of discussion among the city’s elite and wealthy … Invitations (about 1,200 were issued) were in great demand, even by such personages as Mrs.… Read more.


In New York City

The government of the city knew about the connection between poor health and poverty, and they knew too that the biggest part of the problem was the unsanitary conditions in tenement districts where almost all newly arrived immigrants found themselves. … Read more.

Madison Square

Madison Square and Madison Square Garden are, as is clear from this map, two different destinations. Madison Square was commercial, and home to many of the city’s most exclusive stores.   From Wikipedia:

On May 10, 1847 Madison Square Park opened to the public.

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Woman’s Medical College of the New York Infirmary

Traditional Medical Education

The first medical college established specifically to train women physicians was an offshoot of  the , founded by Elizabeth Blackwell and her colleagues.  The broadsheet  seen below lists the faculty, including Elizabeth Blackwell, founder, as a professor of hygiene.… Read more.